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Our wild pig removal services eliminate the entire group so no breeding pairs remain.

It might seem like wild pigs are nomadic creatures, but the reality is that they often remain within a 6-square-mile area. So, if you are seeing some on your property or in your community, they are unlikely to leave without professional wild pig removal services. You might be successful in dealing with one or two on your own, but unless the entire group is removed, they’ll breed more youth and the problem will continue to become larger. At Swine Solutions, we offer highly effective wild pig removal services throughout the Orlando, Florida area.

Wild Pig Removal in Orlando, Florida

The Orlando area is particularly a problem because of the tremendous amount of development over the past 70 years. This development has removed vital habitat land from the wild pigs. Since our population has inflated to more than 2 million people and the inhabited area has grown substantially, the wild pigs have no choice but to live however they can in the same places they have been, even if your golf course, landscaping, or community is their feeding ground.

Wild pigs can cause tremendous damage to your property, and as they bring more piglets into the world, the problem will only get worse until our wild pig removal services eliminate the entire group so no breeding pairs remain.

If you have noticed even one wild pig on your property, now is the time to act. Contact us today to learn about our wild pig removal services to have your wild pig situation assessed and a plan of action outlined to avoid damage to your property.

FAQs About Wild Pig Removal

In our 14 years of experience, removing hogs and pigs has become almost second-nature. However, we realize that most people may not know very much about wild hogs and pigs, let alone how to remove them. So, we think it’s best to share our knowledge with you. Here are answers to some questions we get on a regular basis.

Is there a difference between wild pig removal and hog removal?

Technically, pigs and hogs are the same animal. The difference is that pigs are young swine that are not as mature as hogs. Hogs refer to swine that are over 120 pounds. Despite these minor differences, the removal process is the same. We use baited traps and technology like GPS cameras and night vision that are monitored around the clock. We may also use trained K9s to hunt swine.

Will your wild pig removal process interfere with my ability to use the property?
No. Our methods are discreet, so you should be able to carry on with whatever you need to do on your property without being interrupted or inconvenienced.
Do you use firearms?
No. We prioritize your safety and the safety of other residents in the area by using traps, GPS technology, 24/7 monitoring, and frequent inspections of your property when we are removing wild pigs. We do not use firearms.
How long will the entire wild pig removal process take?
The answer to this question depends largely on the layout and size of the property as well as the population of wild pigs. In general, wild pig removal can take anywhere from a couple of months to a year.

At Swine Solutions, we offer wild pig removal services in Riverview, Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Valrico, Wimauma, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Wiregrass, Meadow Point, Parrish, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Myakka, Englewood, Kissimmee, Orlando, Clermont, Odessa, Zephyrhills, and Davenport, Florida.