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It takes specialized trapping equipment to be successful with wild pig trapping.

When you think of the process of animal trapping, your first notion might be those simple traps you may have seen at farm supply stores. While those are ideal for small, unwelcome visitors such as racoons, possums, and skunks, they are no match for the sheer size and force of a wild pig. It takes specialized trapping equipment to be successful with wild pig trapping. It also takes significant experience with wild pig behavior and habits.

Wild Pig Trapping in Brandon, Florida

At Swine Solutions, before we started out helping the Brandon, Florida community with wild pig trapping, we spent 15 years hunting them with dogs. We still use trained K9s, but have combined them with GPS camera systems with night vision and bait and trap methods that have proven 100% effective for eliminating a sounder of pigs from a property.

It is not a good idea to leave wild pigs roaming your property. They can cause extreme damage to your landscaping, forested areas, crops, irrigation system, and more. In addition, they can contaminate water sources on your property and prove dangerous to people, pets, and livestock through attacks and spreading various bacterial and viral diseases, including swine brucellosis, pseudorabies, and tularemia.

It doesn’t take a large group to cause issues. Even a small sounder of wild pigs can be problematic and they will become a larger group before long because they reproduce fairly prolifically. That is also why you need someone like us who won’t stop until every wild pig has been captured and removed. Contact us today if you need our wild pig trapping services or have questions about what we do.

At Swine Solutions, we offer wild pig trapping services in Riverview, Tampa, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Valrico, Wimauma, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Wiregrass, Meadow Point, Parrish, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Myakka, Englewood, Kissimmee, Orlando, Clermont, Odessa, Zephyrhills, and Davenport, Florida.